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Five victims, including a 3-year-old and an 8-month-old, escape a massive house #fire in #Tampa. Watch here:

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Joep Lange, renowned #AIDS researcher killed in Malaysia Airlines flight #MH17 crash, had deep #Tampa ties. Local loved ones are still asking for answers. Watch here:

Joep Lange, renowned #AIDS researcher killed in Malaysia Airlines flight #MH17 crash, had deep #Tampa ties. Local loved ones are still asking for answers. Watch here:

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Neighbors welcome back accused theater shooter
Curtis Reeves… Watch here:
Dramatic cloud cover in St. Pete…. #rain #10weather @wtsp10news #insta

Dramatic cloud cover in St. Pete…. #rain #10weather @wtsp10news #insta

Lovely walk in #Tampa. Lots of buildings in buildings.

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We’ve had some incredible weather over the past few days. Some brutal (rain and tornadoes), some beautiful.

Road Rage at the McDonald’s Drive Thru Lead at 11 

Winter Haven, Florida — Road rage at a fast food drive-thru — that’s what one man told police led to him getting out of his car and punch a woman in the face.


Getting cut off on the road or in a drive-thru, it’s happened to almost all of us at some point. But when it happened at a Winter Haven McDonald’s last night, one woman couldn’t steer clear of a bout of road rage.


And one thing’s for sure, Howard Wilson did not order a Happy Meal when he stepped out of his vehicle late Sunday night and appeared to to punch Brittani Thomas in the face through her open car door.


"I didn’t know if he was gonna get out of the car or not," said Tammy Roman who caught the whole thing on her cell phone.


"Not only did she video tape the incident occurring, but she also video taped the suspect’s tag which certainly led to his apprehension," said Winter Haven Police Chief Gary Hester.


According to a Winter Haven Police affidavit, Wilson yelled in Thomas’s face and held her door open after she tried to close it before punching her.


When Roman caught it on camera, “My heart dropped. I didn’t know what to think,” she said.


But Roman knew she needed to act.


"I got everything," she said.


But what do you need to know if a simple drive or a trip for burgers turns south?


Winter Haven Police Chief Gary Hester says leave your doors closed, keep your windows up and drive off.


Because there’s always time to call the police when you’re out of harm’s way.

St. Pete teen remembered by family

St. Petersburg, Florida — A St. Petersburg family is trying to recover after their son was hit by two cars crossing Gulf Boulevard near St. Pete Beach.

Mike McClean says his son Patrick had a true passion for life.

"Pat just loved to be… he used to have fun. Just liked to have fun," he said. "He liked to smile all the time. Never had an enemy in his life."

Now Mike and his family are going over funeral plans.

The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office says Patrick McClean was struck by one vehicle, and then run over by a second after he crossed Gulf Boulevard near St. Pete Beach early Saturday morning..

Deputies say alcohol may have been a factor in the crash, and both drivers showed signs of impairment. So far, no charges have been filed.

At the McClean house, “We’ve had 17 great years and were on the best of terms,” Mike said while he struggled to keep from shaking as he held his son’s graduation picture.

"He’s somebody you would want to be friends with," said friend Talio Marisha.

Marisha says he and Patrick were friends since the 3rd grade. “When he left, he took a part of all of us with him. He was all in our hearts, and we all love you Pat,” he said.

McClean was a senior at St. Petersburg High School on Spring Break. and had already looked at college prospects.

Racers break in the track for Firestone Grand Prix

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St. Petersburg, Florida — The excitement is revving up in downtown Saint Pete as racers ready their cars to break in the track and celebrate a decade of racing in the city.

Hundreds of spectators have made the trek through the roadblocks and barricades to witness the hot engines and racing wheels rolling down the streets of Saint Petersburg.

"We bring the whole clan here on a Friday and spend the whole day here open to close," said race spectator Cindy Carithers.

Carithers says she and her family have been coming to the course every year since it started, and that there’s an excitement that goes with the smell of spent fuel and burnt rubber.

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